Rent or Buy Keithley 2290-5 DC Power Supply, 50V to 5kV, 0 to 5 mA

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Keithley 2290-5
DC Power Supply, 50V to 5kV, 0 to 5 mA

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Manufacturer: Keithley
Model: 2290-5

Keithley 2290-5 DC Power Supply, 50V to 5kV, 0 to 5 mA

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Keithley 2290-5 DC Power Supply, 50V to 5kV, 0 to 5 mA Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

Keithley 2290-5 Power Supply

Rent Keithley DC Power Supply, 500V to 5kV, 0 to 5mA 

The Keithley 2290-5 High Voltage Power Supplies facilitate high voltage device and material testing, as well as high energy physics experimentation. The Keithley 2290-5 provides 50V to 5000V at 5mA. It measures both output voltage with 1V resolution and output current with 1μA resolution. The Keithley 2290-5 additionally to the voltage and current output displays, a third display shows one of four settings: output voltage, voltage limit, current limit, or current trip. These values can be set precisely with the front panel keypad, and can also be programmed over the GPIB interface, or the output voltage can be set with an analog control voltage. Low Noise Ensures Accurate Low Level Measurements Low output noise is essential when using sensitive measurement instruments to make leakage current or high resistivity measurements. The maximum output ripple for the Keithley 2290-5 is 100mVRMS. Two selectable, internal filters on the Keithley 2290-5 reduce the maximum output ripple to only 3mVRMS. Extremely low noise from the power supply enables sensitive measurement instruments to make accurate current measurements down to picoamp levels. 2290-PM-200 Protection Module Protecting User and Instrumentation Series 2290 Power Supplies and a Model 2290: 2290-PM-200 Protection Module protect both user and instrumentation from hazardous voltages. An interlock circuit built into the power supplies can be used to ensure that the output voltage is disabled if a high voltage test fixture access door is open.

Futhermore, all Series 2290 power supplies have low voltage analog outputs to permit safe monitoring of the high voltage and the output current. When low voltage measurement instrumentation is used in the high voltage circuit, the protection module safely clamps the voltage across the instrument to a maximum value of 20V even when a device under test (DUT) breaks down. Thus, a Series 2290 Power Supply, 2290-PM-200 Protection Module, and Keithley accessories provide all the elements for building a safe, high voltage test environment. Make Precise Current Measurements Lower Than 1μA Use a sensitive Keithley measurement instrument, such as a Keithley SourceMeter® Source Measure Unit (SMU) instrument, to measure current drawn by the device under test (DUT) that is below the sensitivity of the Keithley 2290 Power Supplies. Keithley SourceMeter SMU instruments can provide sensitivity as low as 0.1fA. The 2290-PM-200 Protection Module protects the low voltage SourceMeter SMU instrument from high voltages when the DUT breaks down. The leakage current of the protection module limits the measurement resolution to picoamp levels, which is five decades more sensitive than the current measurement resolution of the Keithley Series 2290 Power Supplies. Keithley can provide a complete high voltage test capability with the most current measurement sensitivity available anywhere. Easily Automate a High Voltage Test System The Series 2290's GPIB interface allows the creation of an automated high voltage test system. Software drivers are supplied to simplify and accelerate test system development. This further enhances safety as the high voltage can be controlled from a remote location. The Keithley 2290-5 power supplies comply with the latest EU standards and are CE-certified. They're most suited for high voltage device breakdown and component testing, insulation testing, high voltage resistivity measurements, and high energy physics research.

Features and Specifications of Keithley Power Supply includes:

  • 50V to 5kV, 0 to 5mA
  • 1μA current measurement resolution
  • Low noise for precision sourcing and sensitive measurements; selectable filters reduce noise to less than 3mVRMS on the 5kV supply
  • Safety interlock controls high voltage output
  • GPIB Interface (2290-5 has both GPIB and RS-232)
  • Optional protection module prevents damage to low voltage instrumentation
  • One-year warranty

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