Agilent / HP 6842A Harmonic / Flicker Test System, 1750VA

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Model: 6842A
Manufacturer: Agilent / HP


Agilent / HP 6842A Harmonic / Flicker Test System, 1750VA

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The Agilent 6842A Harmonic / Flicker Test System is specifically designed for testing products for compliance to the low-frequency emissions regulations for quasi-stationary current harmonics, fluctuating current harmonics, and voltage fluctuations and flicker.

The Agilent 6842A Harmonic / Flicker Test System includes a Windows based software package which provides the following capbabilities:

  • Output:
    • 0 - 300V
    • 0 - 13A
    • 0 - 1750VA
  • Functions as AC Power source
  • Test set-up and execution
  • Pre-test for EUT class determination (current harmonics)
  • Data archiving of all parameters
  • Real-time test data display (graphical and tabular)
  • On-line / off-linetest data review with user-specified search criteria
  • Test termination under user-defined conditions
  • Pass / Fail indication
  • Dagnosis of test results via advanced features
  • Report generation

Features of the Agilent / HP 6842A Test System include:

  • One-box solution tests products for compliance to existing and standards for: IEC 555-2, IEC 555-3, EN 60555-2, EN 60555-3, IEC 1000-3-2, IEC 10003-3, EN 61000-3-2, and EN 61000-3-3
  • Full 1 phase coverage at 230 Vrms and 13 Arms
  • Measurement and generation implementation compliant with IEC 868, IEC 1000-4-7, and IEC 725
  • Compliant-level current harmonic measurements for the fundamental through the 40th harmonic
  • Includes Windows® graphical user interface for Harmonic and Flicker Emissions Tests
  • Real-time and off-line test data review and analysis
  • Test report generation
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities for failure analysis
  • Free Graphical User Interface to operate as a standard ac source in normal mode
  • VXI plug&play drivers
  • Additional IEC test software modules available to expand your testing capabilities